How a Cosmetic Dentist Can Improve the Appearance of Your Teeth and Smile

There was a time when losing teeth would mean losing them forever. Similarly, shapeless teeth could not be beautified. But now the time has changed and has brought many positive changes in the field of dentistry. In the field of dentistry, Coral Gables dentistry is quite famous and people are quite happy and satisfied with the dentists in Coral Gables. Now, a cosmetic dentist can very easily beautify your teeth and smile by using different methods. Some of these include;

  • Teeth whitening
  • Shaping of teeth
  • Replacing the affected teeth
  • Closing the spaces between teeth

Teeth Whitening

With the passage of time, our teeth’s color becomes dull and they get stained. It happens mostly because of our eating habits such as taking a lot of tea, and other activities such as smoking etc. with the help of a chemical process, a dentist can easily whiten your teeth either at home or in his dental clinic, depending on your convenience. Following video shows how to whiten teeth in home.


Teeth Shaping

The dentist can very easily shape your teeth beautifully. They use crowns to cover the tooth and to restore a normal appearance and shape of the shapeless tooth. Crowns are made of different materials such as metal, resin, ceramic material or porcelain material that is fused to metal. However, this procedure is costly and mostly the dentists prescribe other dental procedures first and if nothing else can help then they recommend this method. The dentists may also do some enamel contouring and give a good shape to your teeth by shaping the enamel. It can give shape to overlapping teeth and those teeth which are crooked, chipped or irregular.


Teeth Replacement

Those teeth which are damaged can be replaced either through implants or by using bridges. The implant is done by using an expensive surgery procedure. It is a long term and the best solution for the replacement of missing tooth. Another way of replacing the missing teeth is bridges. Bridges are also known as artificial teeth. These bridges are made up of alloys, porcelain, gold or a combination of these materials. In this way the cosmetic surgeon successfully beautifies your teeth as well as your smile.


Closing The spaces

The unwanted spaces between the teeth that affect the overall look of your teeth and smile can be closed by using braces. The dentists tighten and loosen it, depending on the condition of the teeth and improve the spaces between your teeth. These procedures may be costly but nothing is more expensive than your beauty and confidence which you can gain only if you improve your teeth problems.