Phlebotomy Instructor

Steps and Details For Becoming A Phlebotomy Instructor

Phlebotomy is a very important aspect of clinical sciences. It basically involves blood collection. This may sound very simple, but it is not simple in practice. It is an art that should be performed only by the properly trained.

Blood tests are needed for complete diagnosis of various ailments. If the blood is not collected properly, the diagnosis may be wrong at the end of the day and the patient will be given wrong treatment, which may lead to other complications. This is why only well trained individuals, who had attended phlebotomy schools, must be allowed to handle blood collection. The aspiring phlebotomists are exposed to lots of subjects that transform them to reliable phlebotomists in the field. After graduation, the student can decide to work as a phlebotomist or as a phlebotomy instructor.

Who is a phlebotomy instructor? He is an individual that teaches phlebotomy students in phlebotomy training institutions. He is expected to handle various phlebotomy classes on wide varieties of subjects like anatomy, physiology, cardiopulmonary resuscitation and many others. He can be employed by any of the phlebotomy training institutions around.

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What does it take to be a phlebotomy instructor? You are required to graduate from a phlebotomy training institution and get certified as a phlebotomy technician. Aside the above, many institutions require that you have worked as a phlebotomist before they can consider you for appointment.

Even if you have not worked as a phlebotomist, you are required to have at least worked in a position related to healthcare. It is required that the healthcare position involves drawing of blood. You are expected to have been employed in this capacity for a number of years as demanded by the employer. You must first fulfill your dream of how to become a phlebotomist before the idea of becoming a phlebotomy instructor can come to pass.

Aside the normal certification you get as a phlebotomy technician, some institutions also demand that you get certified as a phlebotomy instructor. Such certification can be obtained from institutions and bodies that offer phlebotomy technician certificate.

The years of experience demanded by certificate-awarding organizations differ. An organization like American Certification Agency for Healthcare Professionals insist that you must have 3 years of working experience before you can be allowed to sit for the phlebotomy instructor certification examination. They also demand for at least one year experience as instructor. Requirements by other organizations differ slightly from this.